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Is Michael Cera even real or is he an experiment put into action by Hollywood?

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the concept of the purge is actually really neat but its just the fact that everyone goes for murder as their ‘crime to commit’ like??? why??? i think theyre missing out on the fact that you could steal so many pizzas and not get in trouble

or diamonds, or like break into a mall and shop til u drop, get a new wardrobe, get that Maserati you always wanted, rob a bank and take billions so ur set for life…Murder??? SERIOUSLY???

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Taylor Swift out & about in New York City on July 16th

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"This piece of toast is made of plastic, not bread, so if you wake up and smell burning toast, you are probably just having a stroke."

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sometimes i think i look good but then i see people who are actually hot and i just put my face in my hand and shake my head in sadness

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okay so I was walking to the shop today and I didn’t realize I was half-way there that I was wearing a game of thrones shirt that said ”all men must die” so I was starting to put my cardigan over it until I noticed some pervy old guy smiling and winking at me so I just turned round, unbuttoned me cardi and smiled and he saw my shirt his smile dropped and he just slowly walked away 

you win

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i hope manners is the next cool trend

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tumblr island would be the farthest thing from a judgment free environment and would probably be the cause of a couple dozen murders and an unintentional reenactment of lord of the flies

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is your face from mcdonalds? cause im loving it

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*accidentally showers for 5 hours*

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